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Kathy Joseph splits her time between writing her next book, making documentary videos based on her books for her YouTube channel, and giving talks about the history of science and the importance of context for learning science.

Kathy attributes her novel’s depth and breadth partially to her YouTube channel, Kathy Loves Physics

She uses her channel to test out her ideas in documentary form and learn from her brilliant viewers, making this book an interactive experience. 
Despite her simple video format, Kathy has hit a nerve, and her channel has over six million views and over 98,300 subscribers.

Kathy also puts all of her scripts on her website and dives into other fascinating scientific topics on her blog, spanning a broad range of topics like the history of the Nobel Prize, the birth of wireless, and the early history of quantum mechanics.

Kathy Joseph

Personal Life

Kathy has earned four higher education degrees in physics, engineering, and science education, but she feels as if her real education came from spending 12 years as a public high school physics teacher. She is an alumnus of the University of Chicago, Penn State, and the University of Utah.

Kathy lives near San Francisco with her fabulous husband, Mike, her amazing children, Alicia and Alex, and one very cranky cat aptly named Brutus.

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