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You flick on a light without thinking about it. But what about the fascinating and bizarre stories hidden behind that simple action? Fortunes were made and lost, ideas stolen, rivalries pursued, dogs electrocuted, beards set on fire, arms amputated, and decapitated human heads reanimated all with the invention and evolution of electricity.

Available on October 12, 2022

Go on a wild journey covering over 400 years of history to discover for yourself the unlikely yet true stories of the characters who paved the way for modern electricity.

From the assistant who invented the electric light 140 years before Edison to the severed ear that led to the telephone, follow the chain of experiments, inventions, and discoveries through time. Beginning with Queen Elizabeth’s bored doctor naming electricity after jewelry, the winding road that leads to you to charge your phone at night will enthrall you.

Rigorously researched, historically and scientifically accurate, and filled with quirky anecdotes, The Lightning Tamers will provide you with a greater understanding of how our electric world works. Whether you’re a history buff, a science lover, or someone who just likes to know more about the world around you, The Lightning Tamers is an entertaining read for you.

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