The Lightning Tamers

You never learned THIS in school!

Hidden behind our everyday electrical technology are the fascinating and bizarre stories of the people who came to understand electricity in the first place.

Fortunes were made and lost, ideas stolen, rivalries pursued, dogs electrocuted, beards set on fire, arms amputated, and decapitated human heads reanimated with electricity, all in the story of how we can turn on the lights.

Starting with Queen Elizabeth’s bored doctor naming electricity after amber jewelry, Kathy takes us on a wild journey through time. Electricity parties with “shocking kisses” to entertain the King of France, a female scientist who drew crowds with her intellect, fame through drug parties with poets in the English countryside, an inspiring severed ear from a corpse, several “useful” train crashes, and more, all leading to why we have different voltages and frequencies in the mains electricity around the world.

In this physics and engineering chronicle disguised as a fun time travel adventure, Kathy Joseph, physicist, educator, and creator of the popular “Kathy Loves Physics” documentary channel on YouTube, shares the story of electricity through the linked breakthroughs of men and women in science.

This book will change your perspective of the pioneers you thought you knew like Franklin, Volta, Faraday, Ampère, Ohm, Joule, Morse, Bell, Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse.

She will also introduce you to many who should be famous but are not (yet) like Stephan Gray, Matthias Bose, Laura Bassi, and Charles Proteus Steinmetz.

Rigorously researched, historically and scientifically accurate, and quirky as hell, you are guaranteed to learn something new.

If you have ever wondered how our electric universe functions or you just like reading a fun history book, THIS is the book for you.

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