For Teachers

I am making a series of videos on the history of electricity.  Most of them cover some Physics concept.  I made a list of the concepts covered in each of my videos, click on the number to get to that video.  Videos in bold are important concepts IMHO:

#1:  Static Electricity is different from Magnetism

#2: Air pressure, how a barometer works, How a vacuum pump works, static electricity can repel

#3: How a static electricity machine works, how a florescent light works

#4:  Conduction & Induction.  Conductive and Insulating materials.

#5:   Opposites attract, like repel for electrics.  Resinous and Vitrious materials

#6:  Static electricity machines make fun and crazy experiments

#7: How a Leyden jar (capacitor) works!

#8: Conservation of charge, the “invention” of positive and negative charges

#9: The details of how Ben Franklin’s kite experiment worked (& his sentry box experiment)

#10: Lightning rods

#11:  Galvani and his frog.  How electricity makes animals jump and how two different metals in a frog will produce electricity

#12: The invention of the Battery!

#13: Using electricity to decompose chemicals.  The invention of the arc lamp (first practical electrical lamp)

#14:  Faraday’s childhood.  Has no new physics but might be good for students to see how difficult it was for even a brilliant person to succeed.  Plus, has the important influence of a female science author.

#15: Force on a magnet from a current carrying wire.

#16:  Invention of the first “motor” (wire spinning around magnet).

#17:  Invention of the electromagnet

#18: How an electromagnet was used to make the telegraph

#19: More details of using electromagnets to make the telegraph.  Also, that history does not always acknowledge the right people.

#20: Discovery of Electromagnetic Induction.  Creation of Magnetic Fields


Also, I have two supplementary videos:

How a Battery Works: I cover the definition of free electrons and ions in this one too

The Real Dr. Frankenstein:  How we discovered one hemisphere of the brain controls the other side of the body and electroshock therapy.