Kathy Loves Physics: The History of The Battery

Kathy is the always enthusiastic, ever curious, creator and host of the successful YouTube channel 
Kathy Loves Physics. She’s especially passionate about science, physics, and its history.

Kathy has loved physics ever since she was taken to the Exploratorium Science Museum as a child. She received a MA in Physics, a Masters in Physics and a Masters in Engineering Science.  She has focused on solid state physics experimental physics in chiral liquid crystals, ultrasonic nondestructive testing and thermo-acoustics. She has also taught math and physics at every level from middle school to graduate classes and for 12 years was a teacher at a public high school in San Francisco. 

Currently, her time is split between writing (A book coming soon this fall), filming, and producing content for her YouTube Channel.

Kathy loves sharing her curiosity with her 95,000 subscribers and beyond, You will never learn *this* in school!

She uses primary sources and talks about real physics and the real, quirky history to tell you where our scientific universe came from.